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Reporting and Communications

Stakeholders, both internal and external, expect credible organisations to provide standardised, transparent disclosures which are reflective of the true sustainability performance of an organisation.

This includes reporting environmental and social impacts, both positive and negative, as well as progress against existing sustainability targets. This also involves identifying risks and opportunities that will shape the future of your business.

In recent years the urgency of the climate issue and its financial impact on society has changed business. It has driven a renewed appreciation in the investment market of how ESG topics impact financial performance, led to an ever-expanding regulatory landscape, and fundamentally changed customer and employee expectations of the role of a business in society. Failure to address these topics and report effectively erodes credibility and can lead to significant financial impacts on operations, limit access to capital, risks non-compliance and can fundamentally impact a company’s reputation.

Simply put, environmental and social topics are impacting your business. Companies that address these topics, look for opportunities and improve ESG performance, have been proven to perform better financially. Ed Packshaw Head of Reporting and Communications

Despite these risks, the opportunity for those that get it right is enormous. Wherever a business is on its journey towards sustainability, a company’s reporting is the fundamental foundation of ESG and a demonstration of a company’s purpose. Companies must show they understand their impact, identify risks and opportunities and show continuous improvement. Disclosure must be comparable, aligned with international standards and frameworks and be compliant with sustainability regulations.

Additionally, companies are now expected not only to show they are doing their bit to minimise the global climate problem and growing social inequality, but also how their business is ready to maintain profitability as a sustainable business.

At Simply Sustainable we understand this complex and ever-changing landscape. With a wealth of experience across each of the sustainability disciplines, we ensure that companies produce transparent, honest and comparable disclosures that attract stakeholders. Our 13-year history of supporting clients means we understand what companies are expected to do, and most importantly, how to do it.

We are experts in all ESG frameworks, including TCFD, GRI, SASB, ISSB, TNFD, SDGs and all UK, EU and US ESG regulations. We have a deep understanding of what key environmental and social topics companies should be focusing on, and we know how to produce impactful, best-in-class reports that attract employees, customers and investors.

Whether a business is looking to take the next step on its journey or is only just starting out, Simply Sustainable’s best-practice approach will deliver impactful, attractive and credible reporting.

Ed Packshaw

Head of Reporting and Communications

  • +44 (0) 7908 189170

Ed joins the Simply Sustainable team with over 12 years experience in ESG and corporate sustainability, combining both in-house sustainability leadership roles with client leadership and project management expertise, across a range of sectors, including real estate, construction, education and pharmaceuticals.

As our Head of ESG Reporting and Communication, Ed is responsible for leading clients through their disclosure journey, driving continuous improvement and transparency to deliver impactful and comparable reporting practices that align with a wide-range of stakeholder expectations and help clients present their achievements and goals towards becoming a truly sustainable and profitable business.

Ed has a wealth of experience in international standard and frameworks, including TCFD, SASB, ISSB, CDP, SDGs, GRI, UNGC and a detailed understanding of UK, EU and US regulations and compliance requirements.

Alongside his professional experience, Ed holds a diploma in Sustainable Finance from the University of Cambridge, professional qualifications in Environmental Management and Carbon Management from IEMA and an honours degree in Zoology & Biological Sciences from the University of Edinburgh.

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Annual and integrated reporting

Building a suite of credible sustainability disclosures requires a multi-stakeholder approach that should be accessible and attractive to key groups with a variety of expectations. In previous years, sustainability-centred businesses have included core ESG performance indicators as part of their annual reporting as a complement to a more detailed annual sustainability report.


Robust and credible non-financial reporting is increasingly the norm. New mandatory standards for sustainability reporting have been introduced in Europe, the UK and the US. Many companies also choose to adopt voluntary sustainability reporting frameworks to build investor confidence and identify sustainability-related risks and opportunities.

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ESG comms strategy

Consumer expectations for corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance have increased significantly in recent years. In response, corporate disclosure and communications on ESG performance have rapidly increased and with it so too has the emergence of a new corporate risk: greenwashing.

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Horizon scanning

To ensure that your business is prepared for all policy and regulatory changes that could impact your business and industry, it is important to understand what is on the horizon. The most effective way to ensure this is to conduct a horizon scan exercise, analysing the political, economic, social, technical, legal and environmental (PESTLE) issues and trends which are driving change throughout your industry.


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