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Your business now has an ESG and sustainability strategy in place, you have agreed on your priority areas and the execs have confirmed the KPIs and targets, and now what?

Many companies come to us with this conundrum; they have developed a well-considered strategy but cannot understand why they have not achieved their sustainability goals, and why programmes have not gained traction in the business. Implementing and integrating a sustainability strategy into the thinking and doing of a business should be considered holistically and is only successful with careful planning and consideration.

A practical, tailored approach

Focused around the key areas of your strategy and the pillars of our Simply Sustainable Integration Model©, we pinpoint the practical actions needed to systematically embed ESG and sustainability priorities. We understand that every business is on a different journey and requires a different kind of support; this is why we tailor our approach to your needs.

We will work with you to understand your specific business needs and take you along on the journey. Starting with a thorough review of your current sustainability performance and maturity, we will discuss and recommend the areas of the Simply Sustainable Integration Model©, and beyond, that we will focus on to provide maximum value. We will agree projects, support and goals to be achieved and work with your key team members to develop and update a plan aligned to your objectives.

Use it smartly, use it wisely, use it constructively, and you can start to change companies as much from the inside out as it’s happening from the outside. Paul Polman Former Unilever CEO, HBR

The agreed projects can vary from reviewing and developing new processes, systems and ways of working programmes, ESG governance, communication plans, partnerships, training and employee development, to helping your business manage environmental responsibilities in a systemic manner by embedding international environmental standards such as ISO14001.

Clients often refer to us as their trusted ESG partner, being on hand to answer queries, review documents and scrutinise plans, and acting as a sounding board to support decision-making. Acting as an extra pair of hands, we can undertake specific tasks as necessary that draw on the different skills from across our team.

Tailored and flexible, our integrated support aims to bring together people from across your business, gather their insights and ideas before combining these with our own best practice recommendations, to develop a tailored, long-term integration action plan for your business.

To find out how our team of experts can help you with your ESG and sustainability strategy, contact Joaska Mischke or request a call-back.

Joaska Mischke

Head of ESG and Sustainability Strategy

  • +44 (0) 7707 031430

Joaska is a sustainability and transformation specialist with experience in developing and integrating ESG and sustainability strategies.

As our Head of ESG and Sustainability Strategy, Joaska is responsible for leading and developing strategic initiatives for our clients, ensuring that the team continues to embed sustainability into organisations within an ever-evolving business landscape.


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