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Read our latest press features and articles in the media, by Nicola Stopps, CEO and the Simply Sustainable team.

GB Row Challenge welcomes Simply Sustainable as new lead sponsor: Sustainable Business Magazine

Simply Sustainable is proud to be sponsoring the world’s toughest rowing challenge, GB Row Challenge, as they row over 2000 miles unassisted around Great Britain, all whilst collecting biodiversity data. The GB Row Challenge is more than just a physical feat; it’s a mission with a sustainable purpose. The rowing team collaborate closely with scientists and confronts the urgent reality of ocean pollution by collecting vital data on microplastics, temperature, noise pollution, and biodiversity while braving the treacherous waters. The data gathered will be fascinating to learn from and prompt the responsible change required to help protect and take scalable action.

Read the full article in Sustainable Business Magazine here.

The Knight Frank Rural Property and Business Update

Simply Sustainable’s ‘Nature in the boardroom’ event features in Knight Frank’s Intelligence Lab article: UK Rural Property: Nature degradation. 

“The Knight Frank Rural Property and Business Update – Our weekly dose of news, views and insight from the world of farming, food and landownership”

Simply Sustainable voted a UK Leading Management Consultancy by the Financial Times

Simply Sustainable is proud to share we have been voted a UK Leading Management Consultancy by the Financial Times’ annual special report by Statista. The report is compiled by recommendations from clients and peers at other consultancies and rated by sectors and services.

Simply Sustainable has been voted as one of the leaders in the Sustainability sector and the team’s recognition is well deserved.

Sustainability Beat logo

Data: Greenhushing appears to be underway at sustainable funds

Support for environmental and social proposals has decreased to 25%, the lowest in 5 years according to data from Broadridge consultancy.

Nicola Stopps, CEO, comments on the rise of greenhusing alongside industry expert, Mike Barry, to Sustainability Beat.


Simply Sustainable’s CEO, Nicola Stopps, discussed the evolution of corporate sustainability and LEGO’s decision to discontinue the use of recycled plastic bottles in their brick production during an interview with BBC News yesterday.

Over the years, large businesses have experienced a maturing of their approach to sustainability strategies. Stakeholders such as customers, investors, and employees now demand robust, science-driven objectives and targets that centre around creating a positive impact on the environment and society.

How to manage the climate-conscious

A rising number of employees are demanding climate action from employers, and now more than ever companies need to listen to their different needs.

Nicola Stopps, CEO, shares her thoughts on the matter for the Financial Times.

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The UK’s workforce is falling behind on green skills – here’s why

The UK will need hundreds of thousands more people working in sustainable jobs by 2030, but the gap between supply and demand is widening, according to LinkedIn data.

Simply Sustainable CEO Nicola Stopps shares her thoughts on the matter with Raconteur.

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One year on: how is the TCFD mandate faring with the industry?

One year after the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) was imposed on some UK businesses, Nicola Stopps, chief executive and founder of Simply Sustainable, reflects on industry preparedness for a blanket mandate for SG Voice.

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Corporate sustainability in 2023: Move fast and fix things

The past few years have been pivotal for corporate sustainability, the topic has firmly established itself high on the agenda of many businesses – even against the backdrop of a turbulent economy and cost of living crisis.

Sytze Dijsktra, Simply Sustainable Netherlands Country Manager, reports to Fastener + Fixing Magazine.

The repercussions of breaking the Green Claims Code are significant

With stakeholders now increasingly conscious of their personal environmental impact, the demand for goods and services that are ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ has grown significantly.

Inevitably, businesses have had to respond to this demand, putting pressure on them to provide goods and services with environmental attributes at the fore.

Nicola Stopps, CEO, reports on the Green Claims Code for the Financial Times.

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Simply Sustainable interview on RTL Z TV

The world is in transition. This presents major challenges that companies need to respond to today.

Simply Sustainable CEO, Nicola Stopps and Netherlands Country Manager, Sytze Dijsktra share insight on the complexity of sustainability and the importance of addressing it at a strategic level – and what needs to be done by businesses now.

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Sustainable Views: Why TCFD reporting is meaningless without context

Nicola Stopps, CEO and founder of Simply Sustainable, reports on TCFD for the Financial Times.

Raconteur logo

Raconteur: Long-serving CEOs: how to know when it’s time to go

Nicola Stopps, CEO of Simply Sustainable, joins the discussion, highlighting how a “learning mindset” is crucial to ensure you don’t begin to get stale in the role and that you understand your own limitations.

Entrepreneur Logo

Entrepreneur: Experts predict ‘greenhushing’ will be a big eco-trend in 2023. What is it?

Companies have become more reticent about publicising their sustainability accomplishments. Simply Sustainable CEO Nicola Stopps gives her thoughts on the matter.

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Compliance Week: ESG in 2023: CSRD to put new pressures on EU businesses

Compliance Week’s Neil Hodge and Simply Sustainable’s Managing Consultant Jane Cumisky discuss corporate reporting on everything from climate change to workers’ rights being set for a shake-up in the European Union, and how/why companies should use 2023 to prepare for new regulations and stakeholder expectations.

Consultancy UK logo Simply Sustainable brings investor on board to drive growth

As Simply Sustainable look to expand across Europe, new funding from Agathos Management has been obtained. The investment will be deployed to help the consultancy reach new clients and markets.

Press release.

Agathos completes investment into Simply Sustainable

Raconteur logo

Raconteur: 2023 trends – businesses face sustainability challenge

From ‘greenhushing’ to the impact of inflation, the ever-increasing tangle of ESG regulation, increased focus on biodiversity, the vital importance of transparency and the death of off-sets, Simply Sustainable CEO Nicola Stopps joins other experts debating top trends in sustainability for business leaders in 2023 with the Raconteur. logo What is COP15?

Nicola Stopps joins the discussion on the current state of biodiversity and how vital COP15 is to the future of the natural world and our existence as we know it.

SG Voice logo

SG Voice: The Transition Plan Taskforce’s gold standard: what does it mean for the corporate net-zero transition?

Nicola Stopps, CEO of Simply Sustainable, explains what Transition Plan Taskforce entails and the extent to which it can help the UK reach net-zero.

Raconteur logo

Raconteur: The building blocks of business sustainability

The European Climate Change review logo.

Climate Change Review: “Good sustainability strategies are focused, mobilise stakeholders to act, and most importantly, deliver results.” – Nicola Stopps

CEO and Founder Nicola Stopps explores the hallmarks of a robust sustainability strategy and delves deep in taking businesses on a transformational journey.

BBC wake up to money logo.

BBC Wake Up to Money – with CEO Nicola Stopps

“Businesses have woken up… they understand the financial risks but also opportunities of becoming a sustainable and responsible business. The drive towards becoming a more sustainable and decarbonised business is in full force.”


    FT Advisor: We can’t afford ESG goals to fall behind

    It is no surprise that corporates might consider pulling back on costs during financially stringent periods – but the questions of what projects get side-lined has never been more important.

    Where previously sustainability activity may have been the first port of call for cuts, at a time where climate change awareness has never been more prevalent, we are encouraged to see that this is no longer the case.

    Raconteur The Sunday Times Logo

    The Sunday Times: Can technology measure the ‘S’ in ESG

    Raconteur: Sustainable Investing spoke to Nicola Stopps about how better integration of social indicators can help identify more resilient and profitable investment opportunities.

    Reuters Logo

    Reuters: Sustainable switch newsletter

    Reuters introduces Simply Sustainable’s new office launch in Amsterdam and welcomes our newly appointed senior team.

    Amsterdam Business Consultancy British consultancy Simply Sustainable expands into Amsterdam

    Simply Sustainable announces it’s plans to expand into the Netherlands with an exciting office launch in Amsterdam.

    Consultancy UK logo Q&A with Nicola Stopps: Founder and CEO of Simply Sustainable

    Nicola talks Simply Sustainable’s growth, key challenges, opinions on the industry today and what the future looks like.

    ESG Clarity Intelligence Logo

    ESG Clarity Intelligence: Three ways financial services firms can do better on ESG

    Nicola Stopps explains where she is seeing best practice and where there is room for improvement through upskilling, target-setting and reporting.

    Environment Analyst Logo

    Environment Analyst Q&A: Educate to tackle greenwashing, says Simply Sustainable CEO

    CEO, Nicola Stopps details how a lack in investment in expertise and governance are key contributors to the rise in damaging green claims.

    Maddyness Logo

    Maddyness: Why the answer to practicing good ESG does not lie in yet another standard

    Do we really need another standard? Nicola writes about how the addition of another standard will only risk creating further confusion and act as an additional barrier to complete, corporate adoption of solid ESG practices.

    Sustainability Mag Front Cover

    Sustainability Mag: Nicola Stopps talks ESG talents

    Nicola shares her thoughts on the hurdle in ESG talent recruitment and how companies can overcome it.

    Business and Industry Logo

    Business & Industry: Seven golden rules for transforming your sustainability strategies

    Nicola gives her insights on the 7 steps businesses need to create robust and necessary transformational sustainability strategies.

    Nicola Stopps CEO

    Maddyness: The term ‘ESG’ fails to capture the impact of what a responsible business is – but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it

    An article by Nicola discussing how businesses can construct and lead with trustworthy ESG ratings and strategies.

    Sustainability Views

    Sustainable Views: Efag consultation deadline puts investors and companies under pressure

    Nicola shares her views on the key challenge for Efag’s consultation and rethinking how we report on ESG.

    Financial Times Logo

    Sustainable Views: Is the rise of the chief sustainability officer helping or hindering the ESG space?

    Financial Time’s Sustainable View asks for Nicola’s opinion on the role of the CSO in business and here she gives her thoughts.

    Sustainability Views

    Sustainable Views: Independent reviews key to green bonds, says EU research author

    Nicola Stopps speaks with the Financial Times about the new EU Green Bond Standard and it’s role in addressing greenwashing.

    Business Green Awards 2022

    Business Green Leaders Awards 2022

    Nicola Stopps and Simply Sustainable have been shortlisted for ‘Leader of the year’ and ‘consultancy of the year’ at the Business Green Leaders Awards 2022

    Sustainability Mag April 2022 Front Cover

    Sustainability Mag: Nicola Stopps and Simply Sustainable’s climb to top of ESG

    After shaping and implementing ESG strategy at major multinationals, Nicola Stopps then founded the ESG performance consultancy Simply Sustainable in 2010.

    Business Leader March 2022 Front Cover

    Business Leader: What does international women’s day mean to female entrepreneurs

    Business Leader spoke to several leading female entrepreneurs about what the day means to them and how to tackle the gender divide in the workplace.

    Petrichor Planet Logo

    Petrichor Planet: 10 Questions to Change The World

    Nicola Stopps has been profiled as a leading Voice in Global Sustainability.

    Nicola Stopps – COP26

    In the film below, CEO Nicola Stopps outlines her aspirations for COP26 and the steps that businesses can take to decarbonise.

    University of Exeter Logo

    Simply Sustainable CEO interviewed by the University of Exeter

    In July 2020, CEO Nicola Stopps was delighted to interviewed by the University of Exeter.  She talks about how companies can think more sustainably, how consumers can use their power, and what the pandemic could mean for the future of corporate sustainability.

    Business Leader Front Cover Logo

    Business Leader: Nicola Stopps talking all things ESG in the most recent edition of Business Leader

    Our CEO Nicola Stopps has been featured in the most recent edition of Business Leader talking all things #esg.

    Edie Awards 2022

    Edie: Simply Sustainable nominated for Consultancy of the Year and Business Leader of the Year

    CBI Logo

    CBI: Nicola Stopps tells the CBI why Boards need to get strategic about Sustainability

    Nicola shares simple ways to get started on creating a robust, strategic approach to sustainability.


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