Investor ready ESG reporting with IFRS sustainability standards

Over recent years the reporting landscape has evolved in a rapid manner, leading to an explosion of over 600 global reporting standards and frameworks. These reporting frameworks form the basis of global regulations, such as the UK climate-related financial disclosure requirement, the EU CSRD and the US Inflation Reduction Act. This adds an additional layer of complexity, leaving those responsible for non-financial disclosures challenged to balance compliance reporting with the presentation of the business as attractive to investors, employees, customers, supply-chain partners and wider stakeholders. This has created an annual reporting cycle that is challenging, time-consuming and can feel overly complex and duplicitous.

Our thought leadership team evaluate how a new era of sustainability-related disclosures in capital markets worldwide can add simplicity and transparency to your reporting statements.  

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Non-financial reporting should be approached with the same rigour as financial reporting, focusing on material risk management, mitigation and strategy. This is what drives trust and credibility in capital markets. Ed Packshaw Head of Reporting and Communications

Investor ready ESG reporting with IFRS sustainability standards

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