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ESG and sustainability report for Venator

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At Simply Sustainable, we specialise in crafting customised and robust strategies focussed on empowering our clients to make substantial improvements in their ESG and sustainability efforts. Our strategic approach is meticulously designed to foster long-term value creation and nurture positive impacts on both society and the environment.

Impacts and benefits

  • Outlined that, despite being situated in a carbon-intensive industry, Venator had made serious progress in calculating its carbon footprint and reducing its Scope 1 and 2 emissions
  • Communicated Venator’s commitment to performing against its published KPIs and targets
  • Aligned Venator’s report with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a best practice sustainability framework.

Working with Simply Sustainable made the process of generating a sustainability report a great deal easier for us. We are delighted with the results, with the report being praised by our CEO and by our Board. Angela Turley

The story

In 2022, Simply Sustainable began working with Venator, a leading global chemical company, to develop its annual ESG and sustainability report. Situated within a carbon-intensive industry, Venator faced many drivers to report on its environmental and social impacts and to illustrate the actions it was taking to reduce them. Venator was eager to publicise its efforts within 2022 to calculate and reduce its carbon footprint across all facilities and to find secondary uses for several by-products emanating from its operations.

By engaging extensively with a wide variety of stakeholders across several countries at Venator, Simply Sustainable gained deep insight into Venator’s approach to managing important ESG topics. This included, but was not limited to: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Health and Safety; Greenhouse Gas Emissions; and Waste Management. The level of detail to this engagement enabled Simply Sustainable to offer a clear and comprehensive explanation of Venator’s progress and future aspirations, in each of these areas.

As Venator sought to report with reference to the GRI’s disclosures, Simply Sustainable worked with several data owners across the business to collect the relevant data. We then worked to integrate this data into the body of the report, whilst simultaneously creating a GRI content index to clearly delineate which disclosures had been referenced or satisfied.

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