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Embedding Asahi’s Sustainability Agenda

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Sustainability training that empowers Asahi UK’s workforce

Asahi Europe and International established its landmark ‘Legacy 2030’ strategy, committing to running operations in harmony with nature and outlining the vision behind its sustainability efforts. Following the successful delivery of the ‘Planet Essentials’ learning module for Asahi UK’s Sustainability Steering Group in 2021, Simply Sustainable was pleased to have been chosen to work with Asahi UK again on embedding the ‘Planet’ pillar of the ‘Legacy 2030’ strategy across its UK operations. To achieve this, our team developed a tailored and technical training package to embed Asahi UK’s robust sustainability strategy across the UK employee base.

Impacts and benefits

  • Provided foundation-level knowledge to non-sustainability professionals on the key environmental issues relevant to Asahi UK. 
  • Upskilled the Asahi UK workforce by communicating the Four Planet environmental targets relating to carbon, water, sustainable sourcing and circular packaging. 
  • Highlighted current projects and progress of the company, whilst facilitating discussions on future projects and opportunities. 
  • Aligned activity to Asahi UK’s corporate values and behaviours. 
  • Built employee confidence in the subjects of sustainability and environment, based on post-survey feedback. 
  • Maximised engagement in the business across their sites in the UK through in-person and virtual sessions, with an increase in environmental ideas and projects from attendees. 

The story

From our 12 years of experience in management consulting, Simply Sustainable knows that the core to transforming our clients’ businesses is integrating sustainability into all thinking and actions. This is only successful when people are informed, engaged and inspired. Recognising this, Asahi UK wanted to empower its employees to feel confident in the subject of sustainability, ESG, key environmental issues relevant to the business and the four environmental targets centred on the ‘Planet’ pillar of Legacy 2030.  

Developed by our sustainability experts and qualified consultants, the programme guided participants through a professionally-delivered learning and development module by: 

  • Introducing the concepts of sustainability with a focus on the latest science and best practice surrounding the four Legacy 2030 ‘Planet’ topics that address carbon neutrality, water scarcity, sustainable sourcing and circular packaging.  
  • Providing an overview of the business case for sustainable corporate practices. 
  • Creating dynamic discussions around communicating sustainability, the UK Green Claims Code and the collaboration needed to reach net-zero. 
  • Delivering engaging content which enables all colleagues to confidently explain Asahi UK’s sustainability strategy, targets and current progress. 

As a truly specialised sustainability consultancy, Simply Sustainable is uniquely positioned to support the learning and development on sustainability. The programme achieved a 65%+ attendance rate, with over 140 employees engaging across both modules, resulting in a total of over 450 learning hours. Through the delivery of these interactive training sessions; and pre- and post- course materials, Asahi UK achieved greater awareness and understanding of its sustainability strategy and targets across its workforce.

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